Dit is het repertoire waarmee wij werken

A Hundred Years Ago Halyard Shanty
A-rovin Capstan shanty / pump shanty
Admiral Benbow Forebitter
Alabama John Cherokee Capstan shanty / Halyard Shanty
All bound to go Capstan shanty
Auckland to the bluf
Away for R'eye o grande Capstan shanty
Banks of Newfoundland Capstan shanty / Forebitter
Black Ball Line Capstan shanty / Halyard shanty
Black bird get up Rowing shanty
Blood red roses Halyard shanty
Blow the man down Halyard shanty
Bold Riley Halyard shanty
Bonny ship the diamond Whaling song / Forebitter
Brave wolf
Bring‘em down
Cape Cod girls Halyard shanty / Pump shanty
Captain Nipper Forebitter
Cheerily man Halyard shanty
De zoute zee
Derby ram Capstan shanty / Pump shanty / Forebitter
Douwe, jongens douwe Capstan shanty
Drunken sailor Stamp and go song
Duffy's hotel
Essequibo river Capstan shanty / Halyard Shanty
Fire down below Pump shanty
Fire marengo
Gals from Dublin town Capstan shanty
General Taylor Pump shanty / Forebitter
Go to sea no more Forebitter
Greenland whale fishery Whaling song / Forebitter
Grimsby lads Fishersong
Gwine to get a home
Hanging Johnny Halyard shanty
Hard on the beach 'oar Riverboat song
Haul away for Rosie Halyard shanty
Haul away Joe Halyard shanty
Haul on the bowline Halyard shanty
Hieland laddie Halyard shanty
Hog-eye man Capstan shanty / Halyard shanty / Pump shanty
Iseland Forebitter
Jean Francois de Nantes Halyard shanty
Johnny come down to Hilo Capstan shanty
Johnson girls Halyard shanty
Kaapren varen Pirate song
Le capitaine de Saint Malo
Leave her Johnny, leave her Capstan shanty / Halyard shanty / Pump shanty / Forebitter
Leaving of Liverpool Forebitter
Let the bulgine run Halyard shanty
Lime juice ship Capstan shanty / Pumpshanty / Forebitter
Lindy low
Liverpool judies Capstan shanty / Forebitter
Liverpool packet Capstan shanty
Lowlands away Capstan shanty / Pumpshanty
Lowlands low Halyard shanty / Pumpshanty
Luce bros
Lynchburg town
Maggie May Forebitter
New York girls Shanghai song
Old moke pickin' on the banjo Capstan shanty
One more day Capstan shanty / Pump shanty
Outward and homeward bound Capstan shanty / Pumpshanty
Paddy west Capstan shanty / Forebitter
Pique la baleine Capstan shanty / Rowing song Whaling song
Pirate song Pirate song
Plains of Mexico Capstan shanty
Pull down below Halyard shanty
Randy dandy O Capstan shanty / Pump shanty
Ranzo Ray Halyard shanty
Ratclif highway Capstan shanty / Pump shanty / Forebitter
Reuben Ranzo Halyard shanty
Roll boys roll Halyard shanty
Roll the cotton down Halyard shanty
Roll the old Chariot Stamp and go song
Roll the woodpile down Halyard shanty
Roll, Alabama, roll Halyard shanty / Forebitter
Roller bowler Capstan shanty
Rolling down to old Maui Forebitter
Row on
Sacramento Capstan shanty
Sailor's alphabet
Sailor's farewell hymn Forebitter
Sally Brown Capstan shanty
Sam's gone away Halyard shanty
Serafina Halyard shanty
Shallow Brown Halyard shanty
South Australia Capstan shanty / Halyard shanty
Stormalong Halyard shanty / Pump shanty
Stormy weather boys Fishersong
Strike the bell Pump shanty
Talcahuano girls Whaling shanty
The Campanero Capstan shanty / Pump shanty
The five gallon jar Forebitter
The Glendy Burke
The Henry Clay
The old Beleana Whaling song / Forebitter
The saucy Arabella Forebitter
The Wearywhaling grounds
Three score and ten Fishersong
Tom's gone to Hilo Halyard shanty
While cruising arond Yarmouth
Whip jamboree Capstan shanty
Whisky Johnny Halyard shanty
Wieringen Folksong
Wild goose shanty Capstan shanty / Halyard shanty
Won't you help me to raise'em
World of misery capstan shanty / Forebitter
Yeller girls